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Top 10 Most Commented Articles

We Want Your Input!


We are looking for suggestions for topics for The Barde from you!... Yes. You! At "The Barde", we have been creating articles, tutorials, sample set reviews and product reviews. We hope you ...

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The Anglican Way of setting up and using pistons!


I have to admit that "pushing pistons" is one of my favorite things to do!Since I'm pretty much "self-taught", I do LOTS of things that many fine teachers would say are "wrong".  Each musician mu...

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Proudly Presenting: The Patron Feature


We are proud to present the Patron feature! 

What Is This Feature? The patron feature was designed in order to provide a destination for entrepreneurial Hauptwerk users to send suppor...

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The Great Christian Müller Organ of the St. Bavo Church in Haarlem, Holland


The great Church of St. Bavo, Haarlem, Holland.I think all organists will agree that the 1738 Christian Müller organ at the St. Bavo Church in Haarlem, Holland is one of the world's gr...

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Meet Patrick Larhant (PLRT) - A Frenchman with a multi-national musical style, skill, kindness and humility, fire and compassion!


The things that always strike me about PLRT's uploads are the diversity and the quality!You'll hear music by Naji Hakim, Percy Whitlock, Dietrich Buxtehude, Francois Couperin, Charles V. Stanford...

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Pietro Costa - an historian with significant musical gifts!


I wonder how many of you have had the chance to listen to the superb performances of some Clerembault (harpsichord) and Chaumont (...

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1787 Holzhey organ at the Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Weissenau, Germany


The great baroque Abbey Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Weissenau, Germany - West Front.The abbey of St. Peter and Paul was founded in 1145 by Gerbizon Ravensburg ministerial Guelph. The congreg...

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Heads Up LCD Displays for Hauptwerk


This week, MIDIWorks (A.K.A. OrganWorks), is releasing their colour Hauptwerk LCD Heads Up Displays. Many are used to the 2-line 16 character screens, from MIDIBoutique, that have been the standard in...

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Specific advice on playing an English cathedral work without the use of General Pistons - a COMPLETE How-to-Do!


Editor's note: This article is a follow up to David's wonderful article "The Anglican Way of Setting Up and Using Pistons".The art of making swift changes in registration while playing seems to b...

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Steve Schlesing - from theater to church and beyond - a man of MANY talents, who HAD to buy a house because of Hauptwerk!!!


Some musicians specialize in one particular area.  They stick to what they know, and do it well - hopefully!Others do it all, but without any particular care or skill.  They just do it, and ...

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