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Were you defrauded for the Coventry Sampleset?

Apologies for dragging this up again but hear me out. I took it upon myself to contact the owner of the samplesets ie Coventry because he is the guy originally mentioned in the post.

Personally I took offence at being emailed directly calling me a murderer and her sons blood was on my hands. Not sure if any of you got those as part of the original forum posting and the messages that “Aaron’s” mother posted to the post about calling everyone murderers.

My reason for this was due to legal reasons. My digging unearthed a number of websites targeted by Aaron and his mother and the end result was the post had to be removed as happened here in the end.

The owner has confirmed that he is very much alive and still causing him problems.

My own research turned up on births marriages and deaths that no one by that name died within the period indicated in the Coventry area. In addition no condolences page has ever been set up.

If you were defrauded by Aaron or any of his aliases you should contact the rightful owner of the samplesets and software with proof of money paid to Aaron or his aliases on He will if you have a successful claim give you the Coventry sampleset free but only if you have a valid claim. Don’t try and make a claim that is unfounded. I know of at least one person here who was defrauded.
by dreece1
May 13, 2019 01:16 PM

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