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Mac mini to speakers

Newbie audio-related question. I'm looking to get some modest speakers (though ideally with a subwoofer to make sure bass is strong) for a practice instrument in a small room (12’ x 12’). Budget is $600. Hauptwerk will be running on a Mac mini.

So far I've had the following inconclusive advice on precisely how to hook up audio speakers to the Mac mini. Help!

Computer technician says:
Get a “USB equalizer” (plus some speakers)

High-end audio store consultant says:
I have no idea what he means by a "USB equalizer"; get an amp + D/A
converter, plus some speakers

Best Buy sales guy says:
Just consider some Bose speakers made to hook up to computer, or: receiver
(computer AUX port to receiver input port) + speakers. Use a receiver that has
subwoofer output)

Hauptwerk forum comments:
Use some active/powered studio monitor speakers (built-in amp) e.g.
Behringer Nekkst K8 8" Powered Studio Monitor (how connect to computer?)
Behringer Studio 50USB 5" Powered Studio Monitor (can connect to
computer via USB which seems interesting), but not clear how to add a

Thanks in advance!
by gary_chapman
May 24, 2019 09:10 PM

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RE: Mac mini to speakers

Easier to just go with Headphones! And much better sound quality on a dollar-to-dollar basis.

Maybe AKG K-712, and a little pre-amp like the Pre-Sonus HP4. If you need subwoofers, try the Dayton Audio "puck" tactile transducer from (Attach them to your Organ Bench.) This would need a regular subwoofer amplifier, which plugs into the same pre-amp as the headphones. The pre-amp should connect directly to the audio output from your Mac. But I don't have a Mac so cannot speak from experience here.

For a PC, a good D/A converter is essential, such as those from RME. But for a Mac... people say that the built-in D/A converter is quite good enough.

Hope you enjoy your Practice Instrument!
by OrganoPleno
May 25, 2019 11:36 AM

RE: Mac mini to speakers

There are many ways to accomplish your objective. Here's one that will leave you with budget to spare. This is not going to give you Cathedral like sound, but will allow you to practice without the fatigue of headphones or earbuds. Dayton Audio builds good, low priced equipment. You can find reviews on Amazon and many other sites.

DTA-PRO 100W Class D Bluetooth Amplifier with USB DAC IR Remote and Sub Output $196.10
B652-AIR 6-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker with AMT Tweeter Pair $77.99
MKSX4 Four 4" Driver Low Profile Passive Subwoofer $144
Total $418.09 These prices are on the Dayton Audio site. The US Dealer below is even lower. Put the model number in their search box to get their price quickly.

by bayless
May 25, 2019 10:29 PM

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