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Custom Baroque Organ

A few people have asked me about my Custom Baroque Organ, so here comes some information:
The intention of the work was to create a free organ by combining free demo samplesets from Sonus Paradisi into one organ. First it was intended for my personal use only, but then i thought why don´t share it with others if someone likes it, or if someone don´t have the possibility to buy samplesets?
It was also ok with Sonus Paradisi to share the ODF.

The organ has a baroque inspiried disposition with 35 stops on two manuals and pedal.
The organ may not be perfect because of the different styles and reverbs of the used sample sets, but I have tried to find the ranks that fits best together to get a good unity.
Some revoicing has also been done, so the organ should not be directly compared with the original samplesets.

Now I'am just waiting for a unique organ ID from Milan digital audio, to upload the organ publicly (I have waited since March). If you are interested to try the organ now, I can send you the ODF by e-mail. Just send me your e-mail adress as a direct message or to obvorgel [at], and I will send you the organ installation package and a list of required samplesets.
As soon as I get a unique organ ID I will send you an updated version of the organ.
by ob530
Jul 16, 2019 01:14 PM

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RE: Custom Baroque Organ

I would certainly be interested in learning more about this custom organ. I am at the point with my computer that I would need to delete an organ in order to add a new one, so I would like to know more before I do this. Is there are list of stops and any sound or music samples I could hear. Thank you.
by johnhoopes
Jul 18, 2019 05:34 PM

RE: Custom Baroque Organ

Sound demos:


Principal 16, Octava 8, Holpijp 8, Octava 4, Fluit 4, Nassat 3, Superoctava 2, Rauschpfeife II, Mixtur, Cimbel, Trompet 16, Trompet 8

Principal 8, Quintadena 8, Roerfluit 8, Octava 4, Speelfluit 4, Superoctava 2, Wouldfluit 2, Sesqualtera II, Terzian II, Scherp, Dulciaan 16, Vox Humana 8, Schalmey 4

Principal 16, Subbass 16, Octavbass 8, Octavbass 4, Superoctavbass 2, Rauschpfeife II, Mixtur, Posaun 16, Trompetbass 8, Cornet 2
by ob530
Jul 19, 2019 10:02 AM

RE: Custom Baroque Organ

Thank you - lovely instrument and stylish playing!
When can you let us have a link to download?
by andrewhj
Aug 15, 2019 10:34 AM

RE: Custom Baroque Organ

andrewhj wrote:

Thank you - lovely instrument and stylish playing!
When can you let us have a link to download?

Thank you, and sorry for the late answer!
I still haven't heard anything from them, so I don't know if i can upload it yet.
However, if you want the organ now, I can send you the ODF by email (just send me your e-mail address by a direct mesasage).

by ob530
Aug 25, 2019 04:57 AM

RE: Custom Baroque Organ

The Custom Baroque Organ is now publicly released and available for download! I have created a simple website containing information about the organ and downloading.
Visit for more information.
by ob530
Mar 14, 2020 02:22 PM

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