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Very Large Custom Hauptwerk Organ

(I posted this this morning in Post Photos of Your Hauptwerk System section of the Hauptwerk Forum. There is a pic of the console there.)

The organist at our church when I was young always told me my dream of a 175 rank organ in my home when I grew up was not possible. Besides, it would never sound like it would if it where in a large church. She said I would be very disappointed with the results. Now that was back in the 1960s. Seeing the potential for Hauptwerk but being frustrated with the lack of a large (by my standards) high quality organ sample set being available, Francois suggested that I consider using a couple of sets from Sonus for a custom instrument with the help of Jake. We were thinking 150 stops or so at that time. Well, things grew out-of hand (almost, but not quite). I ended up with about 260 ranks and 246 Drawknobs. It uses all of the Laurenskerk organ, all of the Caen - St. Etienne, with some of the extensions from Jake. The Echo division of the Doesburg, Martinikerk Walcker Organ is in it plus a number of additional stops I felt I needed (personal opinion). It also has the Zymbelstern from the Goerlitz, Sonnenorgel organ (All of these sets are from Sonus Paradisi). There is also the Ghent Carillon and Chimes. All said, there are 23 ranks of strings, 9 sets of Chamades, plus the Henry Willis Tuba at 8' and 4' from the Hereford Organ. 5 Vox Humanas, well... you get the idea. I am just in the process of wiring the Jambs now and hopefully by the end of the month, that will be finished. The organ is completely playable at this point though. I started in January of this year with the building process. The organ has 4 swell shoes with 6 divisions under expression. You can assign any division to any one of the shoes at anytime via lighted pistons on the coupler board. I can't say enough good regarding the services of Francois and Jake and their help with the project. I used Artisan Instruments for the midi components. I can't say enough good about them either. Everyone so far as made this a fun and easy project.

Here is a pic of the console. I have to complete the console shell itself yet, but that is for another year. I have a feeling I will be pre-occupied with practicing . You can go to HJ Home Inspections on Pinterest and click on the Hauptwerk organ Project board to see more pics. I will post the specs sometime, somewhere or, you can email me for them at Francois and Jake will be making the custom set available for purchase at sometime in the future. The organ will be available for visits should you be in the Grand Rapids, MI area at anytime.
by hjvandyk
Dec 11, 2017 10:48 AM

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RE: Very Large Custom Hauptwerk Organ

It must feel good, having a dream like that come true

by Hyero
Dec 11, 2017 04:14 PM

RE: Very Large Custom Hauptwerk Organ

Very cool. I dreamt of something like this when I was younger. Nowadays though I'm happy to be able to sit at an organ bench for an hour without my back hurting for days. :)

by jtadams
May 3, 2018 08:06 AM

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