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Selling a Virtual Pipe Organ

Hi - are classified ads (selling a custom organ) OK on this site? Wanted to ask before posting something. It would be a complete, currently-playing large (4 manual) Hauptwerk-based organ, with software and sample sets etc.

by jimlaing
Aug 6, 2018 07:05 PM

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RE: Selling a Virtual Pipe Organ

jimlaing wrote:

Hi - are classified ads (selling a custom organ) OK on this site? Wanted to ask before posting something. It would be a complete, currently-playing large (4 manual) Hauptwerk-based organ, with software and sample sets etc.



I would like to ask what the price is?

Thank you,


by Waldemar66
Aug 7, 2018 06:59 PM

RE: Selling a Virtual Pipe Organ

As long as someone asked - here is alot of detail about this organ, and a discussion on price at the end ...

4-Manual Hauptwerk-Based, Custom-Built Virtual Pipe Organ For Sale

Selling a complete, fully up-and-running Hauptwerk-based virtual pipe organ. This is a custom-built, large instrument, so it's hard to describe in just a few words. The photos that are also available will help describe this instrument. Price discussion at end.

It is located in Raleigh, NC and is currently fully up-and-running, so that it can be played by anyone interested in checking it out. Just arrange a time to come by; call Jim Laing at 919-264-5968, or email me at Since this is a very custom instrument, the best situation would be a buyer who could come see and play it, see that it all functions, learn how it is all put together, then (with my help) dismantle it and take it away to re-assemble at their home. We do not want to attempt to ship it!

This is a 4-manual, 8 channel (of audio) virtual pipe organ based around the Hauptwerk software. It includes quite a few sample sets (sets of stops), details of those are listed later. It comes with a bench and 32-note AGO pedalboard. The audio passes through a hum eliminator, then through 8 channels of Lexicon reverb, then through 8 channels of amplification, then to the 8 included speakers.

We have several great Theatre Pipe Organ sample sets, as well as several very nice-sounding classical pipe organ sample sets. Also included more as fun toys are a Harpsichord and Caliope, each available as a separate little instrument (separate from the pipe organs).

Included would be all the programming that we have done to set up the audio and MIDI to make all this hardware work seamlessly together. We also went through a lot of work to divide up the ranks to various speakers, within the Hauptwerk system, to create a great ensemble sound.

As an option (that we may elect to remove from the configuration if buyers not interested) is an audio mixer and large BagEnd subwoofer.

Another option, if desired, is a custom-built, carpeted platform with rope lights underneath, and large casters, to put the organ on.

The organ is based on a MacPro tower style computer with 32GB of RAM. It includes two 19 touchscreens and appropriate adapters for them. Also included is a custom-made mini rack to hold the amps, reverbs, and hum eliminators. Also included is most of the cabling (minus the speaker cables, which are in the walls so can't come out).

Hardware List
Mac Pro tower computer with 32GB RAM and a 640 GB hard drive, Quad core 2.66 GHz,
Running El Capitan, with wireless keyboard and mouse.
8 speakers:
(4) Allen HR50s
(2) larger Allens (not sure of model; in a hard-to-see location at present)
(2) JBLs (not sure of model; installed in a hard-to-see location at present).
4 manuals from Classic MIDI Works; Cherry Wood with 20 pistons each
Pedalboard (Classic MIDI Works)
Bench (Classic Studio model from Classic MIDI Works, in Walnut)
6 Toe Pistons
3 Swell Shoes
M-Audio ProFire 610 Audio Interface
Hum Eliminators for 8 audio channels
2 Lexicon MX-400 4-channel Reverb units
4 ART SLA-2 amplifiers (8 channels total)
2 19 Touch LCD Panels (screens)
Console Table to hold it all
Power strips and relays so that it turns on with 2 switches plus computer
Lots of cables!

Software List:
Hauptwerk Advanced Edition, up to version 4.1
Paramount 450 Theatre Organ sample set
Paramount 341 Theatre Organ sample set
Masterworks Skinner classical organ sample set
Willis St. Salisbury Cathedral classical organ set (full set)
Pipeloops Steam Caliope
PDF Files for many of the items in the organ

We don't have exact numbers, but there is likely around $15,000+ worth of hardware, about $3,000 worth of software, and LOTS of man-hours (!) involved in building this custom organ. That's not the asking price of course.

ASKING PRICE??? For now, we'll try the best (Reasonable) offer idea to see what its apparent worth is out there.

Jim Laing 919-264-5968

by jimlaing
Aug 7, 2018 07:24 PM

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