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New Play by Time Feature

2018-05-07 - Playing and Pieces

First off thank you to woody-mc for contributing the code to make this feature possible.

You can now add minutes and seconds (1:02) to comments that are directly linked to the music player. Users clicking on these links will be brought to the specific time on the piece.


CB Team

UPDATE: You can now link time on the piece's description!


woody-mc (2018-10-15) Log in to Reply
P.S. -- In case my code was integrated without any changes to the pattern matching, valid time formats would be:

luxetorigo (2018-05-25) Log in to Reply
Great improvement! Thanks, I am falled in love with CB
woody-mc (2018-05-19) Edited Log in to Reply
Thank you, everyone -- it's been a pleasure. In fact, I was hoping to see this feature embedded for piece descriptions as well. But perhaps, this has been planned for a later update/release...? :-)

(@CB: Code would be exactly the same. Just pipe the piece description text that is read from the database model through the replacement function as you did for any comments -- et voilá.)

The intended benefits of this feature are both the ability to build jump lists for pieces consisting of several movements and references to particular time codes in a piece that a commenter might wish to point out.

Some uploaders -- including myself -- already used to write down jump lists in their upload comments and/or descriptions, which were and/or would be brought to life automatically with the new feature.
CBadmin (2018-05-20) Log in to Reply
A great idea! I don't know why I missed that. Currently out of the country but will most certainly add it to the description once I get back.
woody-mc (2018-06-01) Log in to Reply
Perfect, thanks a lot! :-)
woody-mc (2018-06-14) Log in to Reply
UPDATE: You can now link time on the piece's description!

Works perfectly fine -- Thanks a lot! :-)
Agnus_Dei (2018-05-11) Log in to Reply
THANK YOU, Carsten!

This is a GREAT addition to the Concert Hall uploads! :-)
greatsound (2018-05-09) Log in to Reply
Great idea. Thanks woody-mc.
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