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Hauptwerk / MIDIWorks in Montreal RCCO 2017

2017-07-13 - Setup Gallery

MIDIWorks attended the RCCO in Montreal last week. We were able to get our own room to ourselves, so we put up an 8:1 speaker system and allowed organists to try out our VPO powered by Hauptwerk. Needless to say, it turned a lot of heads and a lot of people ended up coming into our demo room because they could hear it outside the hall. For those who had never heard about a VPO (virtual pipe organ), it was a treat to see their eyes light up when they started playing. For those that have heard or own their own system, it was an opportunity to try out a high end 3 manual system complete with 8 sample sets. All in all we believe we've created more fans of Hauptwerk and might have added to the Hauptwerk community!

We have some pictures below of the convention for those interested:

MIDIWorks Hauptwerk Setup

Our VPO being used for workshops

MIDIWorks Convention Team (left to right): Raymond, Arie, and Attila

We Hope to see more Hauptwerk enthusiasts next convention! 

- Contrebombarde


cometchat1 (2017-07-19) Log in to Reply
cometchat1 (2017-07-19) Log in to Reply
sjouke (2017-07-13) Log in to Reply
would you ever consider doing it in Toronto?
why would you go to Montreal instead of Toronto, which is more centrally located. And personally that I could attend much more easy
than Montreal which is a minimum a ten hour drive, where as Toronto is two hours away. Maybe next year or this year you could have a demonstration in Toronto.
CBadmin (2017-07-13) Log in to Reply
Hi sjouke!

RCCO's Convention happens in different cities once every two years and it just so happened their organizers decided to have it in Montreal this year.

We have a demo setup in our office for people who prefer to make their way Toronto. We are located 5 minutes by car North of Toronto, in Markham. We are available weekdays, we simply ask that you give us a call in advance.

Our MIDIWorks contact information is below:

2800 John Street, Unit 4
Markham, Ontario
Canada, L3R 0E2
1 (888) 812 9717

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