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Uploading Pieces Update

2017-01-08 - Site Updates

As of this post, our upload page will only accept mp3 files. Wav formats will no longer be allowed. 

In our previous set up, for every wav file uploaded contrebombarde would automatically convert it to an mp3 before publishing it. Due to uploading issues with wav files on our server, we have decided to remove the conversion step altogether. This means that wav files can no longer be accepted during the upload process. You will need to upload an mp3 version of the piece. This should ensure successful uploads in the future.

For those who do not have an mp3 converter, we suggest using, an online converter whose mp3 format work with our upload requirements.


Contrebombarde Team


woody-mc (2017-02-24) Log in to Reply
For the more demanding users, i.e. those dealing with multiple audio groups and/or those who would like to automate the process, ffMPEG might be the solution.

In case anyone is interested in the details of my approach, I'd be happy to contribute an article to The Barde about it. -- Just let me know.
NickP (2017-02-22) Log in to Reply
Be careful what you click on at

Another solution is the free version of Reaper which will help you download the mp3 conversion library.
CBadmin (2017-02-23) Log in to Reply
Thanks for the heads up NickP! Reaper would be a better solution.
FredM (2017-01-21) Log in to Reply
Another great free solution is audacity!! I use that to convert my recording to mp3
CBadmin (2017-02-23) Log in to Reply
Great suggestion FredM!
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