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How to get Finale to change registrations with Hauptwerk VPO mid-score

Hello ContreBombarde Forums.

I'm currently running an evaluation/trial version of Hauptwerk V (Advanced), hence allowing me to try out the VST Link for me to use Hauptwerk in Finale (score-writing software).

Although I got the VST Link to work, trying to get finale to command Hauptwerk to change registrations is another challenge. (Disclaimer, I'm yet to get the hang of how to set registrations with the St. Anne's organ that's included. The learning curve was a little steeper than I thought)

I would have alternative workarounds to make registration changes from Hauptwerk mid-score possible, though it would take more work to make it work, of course.

So I want to ask if any of you are able to answer the following for me, please do so ASAP (as soon as possible):

How can I get Finale to change registrations on Hauptwerk during any instance in the score I may be working on (this could also go for crescendo shoe control, swell shoe control, pistons, etc.)

If there is no such solution, the workaround I was referring to would be to record the audio from my desktop in order to achieve those effects. I have a feeling it would certainly work, though getting to know if and how Finale can control Hauptwerk more further would be appreciated.

Thank you. :)
by JonnyMusic
Jul 11, 2020 12:11 PM

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RE: How to get Finale to change registrations with Hauptwerk VPO mid-score

Although I do not use Finale, I get good results with other MIDI-Sequencer Software.

For Registration Changes, my approach is as follows. Create a "stack" of all Registrations to be used, in order, in the Hauptwerk Registration Stepper. Then all you need to do is press the (virtual) "Advance Stepper" button each time there is a Registration Change.

To automate this process, I set up the Organ in Hauptwerk under "MIDI Key Triggers" so that the "Stepper Plus" function can receive a secondary input as "Midi Note ON", Channel 8, "Middle C", on the appropriate MIDI Port for your Sequencer. Then in my MIDI file, I create a "Registration Track" as the only Track on Channel 8, and insert a "Middle C" at the exact time for every desired Registration Change.

For the "Continuous Controllers" such as Crescendo Shoe and Swell Shoes, my Sequencer allows input to be created either digitally (inserting MIDI values directly at specific times) or manually (drawing a curve with the Mouse to represent the appropriate Pedal Positions). Then arrange for this data to be sent to Hauptwerk on the appropriate MIDI channels, and set up Hauptwerk to receive this data on the appropriate MIDI Port.

Likewise, your Hauptwerk Keyboards probably need to be set to respond (additionally) to the MIDI Port used by your sequencer.

This could be a good start, and with a bit of practice everything can fall into place and run smoothly for you.

Good Luck!

by OrganoPleno
Jul 11, 2020 01:42 PM

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