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Piotr Grabowski releases Chorzow sw. Jadwiga Slaska + "unreleased" sets - Swieta Lipka and Nancy Cathedral

Piotr Grabowski released the Chorzow set, an instrument by Binder, 1909... He seems to have a "special connection" to it. He grew up on this instrument and also seems to be a beautiful organ as well... in 8 channel surround. The instrument is III/P/51 and also has a luxurious demo of III/P/17 - contains a rich assortment of Fonds.

It also seems that he's developing 3 sets. The first is Alessandria, Mascioni, a French romantic organ - release of which is this December. It's III/P/47.

He also seems to be developing Swieta Lipka, a famous Polish organ. I am in awe of the facade but am also amused at its "moving case figures" - built by Goebel in 1905 in a case by Mosengel (1700s). I'm assuming it's also 8 channel surround.

However what I am most excited about is the release of the sampleset of Nancy Cathedral. It is one of my favorite organs of all time.... and is a monumental Cavaille Coll organ from 1861. I never imagined the day would come that this would be sampled. I'm guessing that Caen will have a worthy opponent.
Apparently being released in the spring of 2021. However seeing as how Piotr devotes time to the betterment of his sets it may be later, but we must stay alert. This will become a blockbuster. It's also reed-and-reverb heavy (it has 22 reeds!!!) and will be, to my knowledge, the largest Hauptwerk CC.

I can't express my excitement. I just have the urge to share this with the CB community! Amazing news for us all.
Best regards.
by offertoire
Nov 16, 2020 11:46 AM

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RE: Piotr Grabowski releases Chorzow sw. Jadwiga Slaska + "unreleased" sets - Swieta Lipka and Nancy Cathedral

Yes, Nancy sounds exciting.
by adri
Nov 16, 2020 12:29 PM

RE: Piotr Grabowski releases Chorzow sw. Jadwiga Slaska + "unreleased" sets - Swieta Lipka and Nancy Cathedral

Nancy's cathedral organ was highly praised in the 1860-1900th. It was considered as St-Ouen's elder brother.

It was heavily modified and revoiced around 1965 to satisfiy the "néo-classical" fashion ; a good deal of gambes, flutes harmoniques, 16ft...were replaced by "classical" flutes, mutations and high-piched mixtures. These years were a very tough period for Cavaillé-Coll instruments which were considered as heavy, dull and out of fashion, and were "???improved ????" in a very dogmatic and unfriendly way.

Around 2010, the reeds were revoiced in the ACC aesthetics and the organ regained its flutes harmoniques. So, it has now regained quite its Cavaillé-Coll basis, with some néo-classical additions (mutations of the Positif and Grand-orgue, plein-jeu of the Récit). Compared to its original state, it has probably lost a bit of authencity and also gained some versatility.

It's most valuable testimony of what is a big ACC after, first, néo-classicisation and then friendly restorations to come back to the ACC sound without rejecting some useful néo-classical additions. It should be a very, very interesting samplest, for now unique in its species.

Nov 17, 2020 10:11 AM

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