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FOR SALE - lots of organ supplies and parts from VPO project

Selling Organ Parts

Since I have not had any success to date selling this organ as a complete up-and-running system, I am next considering breaking it down to components. I’m not excited about trying to ship the bigger items … it will be expensive to have some of the bigger items custom-boxed for shipment. Eventually I’ll possibly go to and to sell some items, but I thought I’d spread the word through organ-specific forums first, in case there is someone perhaps looking for multiple parts/supplies to build their own organ project. Photo of the complete installation; see below for link.

So, here (Below) are the items I have for sale. All are in excellent working condition, and they are presently assembled as a working organ.

I am early in getting this info together, so I don’t have details on every item, nor have I determine asking prices for every item yet. If I sell multiple items to the same person, and they come pick them up (Raleigh, NC), I’d probably sell for less than if I had to do Ebay/Reverb sites and ship each item.

Contact: Jim Laing 919-264-5968

Link to photos:

Organ-Specific Parts:
Pedalboard: Classic MIDI Works Model 13-MPD-AGO32WA. Paid $1725.
Swell Shoes “Triple” set (3), Classic MIDI Works Model 13-SSM-003. Paid $650.
Keyboards, Cherry Wood Core w/Ebony Sharps, Classic Pro, (I have 4 of these) Paid $1795 ea.
Classic MIDI Works Model 13-MKB-CMK-2K-1MC
Bench, Classic MIDI Works Model 15-BEN-CSOB1. Paid $650.
Toe Pistons, Classic MIDI Works Model 79-CHW-TS-SYN, (I have 5 of these). Paid $19 ea.
Toe Stud wiring harness and junction pcb for MKSC4a; Classic MIDI Works model 11-MID-TOE-HNS,
May be Syndyne Model TOEGCBS Paid $80.
Console, a home-built unit that houses all of the above.

ART SLA-2 Power Amps (I have 4 of these)
Lexicon MX400 4-channel Reverb Processors (I have 2 of these)
Ebtec Hum Eliminator (8-channel model), I have 2 of these
M-Audio ProFire 610 audio interface (paid $389)
M-Audio 1201-VLZ-Pro Audio Mixer

Allen Large Cabinets with 15” woofer (not sure of model number), have 2 of these
Allen Smaller Cabinets with 8” woofer (not sure of model number), have 4 of these
JBL cabinets with 15” woofer (not sure of model number), have 2 of these

Apple Mac Pro “Tower” Computer with extra memory to bring it up to 32GB RAM. 2.66GHZ Quad-Core
Two KeyTec touch screen monitors, 19” models (work with this Mac computer)
by jimlaing
Nov 27, 2020 07:25 PM

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