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Help with assigning Hauptwerk MIDI/trigger settings

Hi all, I’m a new member and a new Hauptwerk user (I wish I had gotten set up years ago…!). I’ve downloaded and set up the Friesach organ sample set and got all of the stop tabs programmed on my Rodgers 535. I love that the sample set has similar voices to what my Rodgers 535 already has written on the stop tabs so it is more intuitive to use the existing tabs without modification. However, I don’t have any tabs to use for several of the stops available on the large Freisach organ. I would like to use the “MIDI TO SWELL” tab to trigger the 16’ Bourdon on the Swell (Schwellwerk). For some reason it is not working properly when I use the auto-detect which worked for everything else. Likewise, when I try to assign the “MIDI TO PEDAL” tab to trigger the 32’ Posaune on the Pedal, it also doesn’t work correctly. It will turn on as expected when hitting the tab, but when I rock the tab the other way to turn it off, it does not turn off. Instead, I have to rock the tab back down as if to turn the stop on again to turn it off. Note that if I simply rock the tab down repeatedly, it does not turn the stop on and off; I have to rock it up and then down for it to send a single “on” or “off” message. Now, interestingly, the “MIDI TO GREAT” tab which I programmed to pair with the 16’ Trompete on the Great (Hauptwerk) works just fine.

I already tried clearing the swell and pedal tabs and auto-programming again but no luck.

A few bits of potentially useful info: I did note in the software that I am using a Rodgers organ, and most of the stops have the “Stop: Rodgers Pre-Infinity Bitfield” in the input field in the settings. The three “MIDI TO” tabs have something else in the input field. In the case of the Great one which is working, it says, “Generic MIDI control changes.” The Swell one, which is not working, says the same thing in this field. The Pedal one, which is also not working, it says, “Momentary piston: MIDI CC-on and/or CC-off.”

Under the “(‘On’) controller” field for the Great, it says, “007 (hex 07): Main volume” and in the “‘Off’ controller” field it says, “064 (hex 40): Damper/hold ped on/off.” The “(‘On’) value/index” is “075 (hex 4B).” Under the on controller field for the Swell tab it says, “011 (hex 0B): Expression,” and there is no off controller. Also, there is nothing in the on value/index field. This is despite using the auto-detect. Is it possible that turning off the “MIDI TO SWELL” tab doesn’t transmit a MIDI signal? It is hard for me to tell on my MIDI cable since the LED light is blinking all the time as if there is some MIDI input every quarter of a second or so, even when I’m not pressing anything. Under the on controller field for the Pedal tab it says, “007 (hex 07): Main volume,” which is again odd since I used auto-detect so not sure why this is the same as the on controller for the Great tab which is working fine. For the Pedal tab, the on value/index says, “080 (hex 50).”

Not sure if this info is useful in diagnosing or not. Would anyone be able to point my in the right direction to get these working?

Thanks you!

by CheekyMonk55
Jun 4, 2023 11:04 PM

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