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Compare The Same Piece On Different Organs

2015-12-22 - Site Updates

Great New Feature for Comparative Listening and Uploading

Ever wonder what the piece you just listened to would sound like on a different organ? Now it's easier to find out.

Have a look for the "Same Piece" tab on the right of the music screen. If there are other pieces named the same thing, those will pop up there. You can see which sample set was used and click on the one you wish to hear.

We're still refining it, but it will improve over time because....

On the upload page, as you type in the name of the piece, CB will search through the database to find a similar piece. If it finds one, that name will pop up. If you select that name, it will then ensure that the name will be identical to other pieces of the same name and therefore easier to find and display in the "Same Piece" tab in the future.

P.s if the "Same Piece" tab does not appear on the music page, it means no identical pieces were found.


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