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Sample Set Submissions

2019-01-08 - Site Updates

We have now added a new page to our Organ Library where you can submit Sample Sets that are not currently in our database.

Simply click on Organs on the top of the page, and then to Submit A Sample Set. Fill out the form and our administrators will follow up and confirm the information before adding it into our database.

NOTE: Submitting a sample set requires that you are logged into your account.


woody-mc (2019-01-09) Log in to Reply
Neat feature! If I may be so keen to ask, would there be a chance to have a "GrandOrgue" option added to the drop-down list of VPO software, which is present on the piece upload page?

Thanks and Kind Regards,
giwro (2019-01-09) Log in to Reply
I can't claim to speak for Midiworks, but since Milan is one of the financial supporters of this site and has more than once expressed their displeasure with GrandOrgue, which they feel has shall we say "borrowed" some features of HW, I doubt that is such a good idea....

But, as I say, that's up to Midiworks....
woody-mc (2019-01-10) Log in to Reply
That's a completely valid argument, of course. I was just thinking about it since I uploaded a number of pieces some years ago in my "pre-Hauptwerk" era, when GO was the only software available for me to get my setup up and running (mainly because it was for free, but also because of some features like built-in impulse response reverb).

With my increasing demand for both high-quality and particular samplesets, I then decided to purchase HW as soon as I could afford it, I think it would be fair to say that Milan "owes" a bit of thankfulness to the authors of GO, since I wouldn't have become their customer later... There are a number of sample sets available for both VPO solutions, e.g. the sets of Piotr Grabowski, so it would also be great to be able to tag uploads appropriately to allow them to be distinguishable (one would have to choose "Hauptwerk" otherwise, which would of course be a misleading choice). This would have the bonus of a direct comparison of how pieces sound on the same set -- but on different VPO software. (Plus, I'm pretty confident that HW wouldn't have to fear a competitional loss here...)

The more I think about it, an extra tab on the piece "listen" page titled "Other VPOs" would be the feature of logical consequence, which could probably list any pieces being identical to the one being played, being tagged with the same sample set, but having a different "VPO software" attribute...

Being a full-time software developer by myself, I can state that implementation would not be a matter of effort, but I fully agree with you that it could be a more or less "political" decision.

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion, Jonathan, since I was not aware of that aspect!
Romanos401 (2019-05-07) Log in to Reply
It was my understanding that this was dedicated to HW recordings. I realize GO is similar, however they are not the same (obviously). I come here to be a part of the broader HW community specifically. Can't speak for everyone but I would vote that *if* GO was implemented on this site it should be separate from the HW recordings.
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