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Disastrous Windows 10 update issues

Hi all,

I'm running a dedicated Dell PC using Windows 10. Last weekend I allowed the latest major Windows 10 update - with disastrous consequences. As far as I can conclude for now, Win10 no longer allows the internal sound card to be "taken over" by an external sound card (I'm using an old, trusted Novation Audiohub 2x4 until I'm finished with my extended build process). Instead Win10 insists that the Novation is a "line out" secondary tier aspect, with disastrous consequences. The audio quality through the Behringer B2031A is shocking - continuous clipping that only vanishes is the sound is turned down dramatically. Worse than that, my XBox Game Capture program (using it to capture videos of my recorded music pieces) refuses to pick up the audio - no matter what I try.

The usual tricks (reinstalling the Novation driver) and my thorough going-over of preferences, driver checks and Win10 troubleshooting are NOT eliminating any of my issues.

Are any of you experiencing similar issues with the Win10 update(s)? Can anyone give me more suggestions or perhaps even a way out? Are there good blogs for me to visit and learn more? Is Hauptwerk on the ball here (I get the impression that their Forum is usually NOT on top of new or emerging issues.
by jacko
Jul 29, 2019 08:45 PM

Replies (6)

by bayless
Jul 29, 2019 10:34 PM

RE: Disastrous Windows 10 update issues

Thank you - no real help there however - their latest driver is the one I'm using, and no thorough discussion of Win10 issues with the Novation interface is taking place on their website...

by jacko
Jul 29, 2019 11:05 PM

RE: Disastrous Windows 10 update issues


Thanks all, for reading and being with me so far. The Windows Update disabled my Novation Audiohub, also in Hauptwerk.

While I did reset the audio interface in Hauptwerk, I did not do so "completely" in the "recording" section of the HW program.

I've just gone back in and have adjusted all settings. the Game capure console now works, and with some testing after reading online info and hints about adjusting the Novation Audiohub, the clipping of my sound is reducing "as the Novation interface automatically trains itself in adjusting its output levels".

Incredibly -- but I've resolved my own problems!
by jacko
Jul 29, 2019 11:25 PM

RE: Disastrous Windows 10 update issues

Just curious, was this a clean install or on upgrade? I figured it might be an upgrade since you had the Hauptwerk Software was installed. Since it appears to be useless as it is, backup what you might need or want, if you have not already done that. Then, start over from scratch with a clean install of Windows 10. Based on your posts you might resolve your issues.

Did you check for BIOS upgrades for your motherboard? An outdated BIOS will cause no small amount of grief. You might also need to update your other chipsets.
Updates for all your device drivers. Download them and have them on a flash drive ready to install after installing clean copy of Windows 10. Don't forget drivers for your IP card drivers. Without network access, you will be "dead in the water."
I would also load the version of Windows 10 you want to use on a flash drive so that you can boot from it for the update. There are free utilities that will help with this. Rufus is a good one. I've used it several times with good results.

Once you're up and running on Windows 10 without any issues, then start your installation of the HW software. Check to make sure you have the latest version for Windows 10.

Just for information - I have an older laptop that absolutely balked every time I tried to upgrade to the "next" Windows 10 version. It worked fine to start, but as the upgrades began to be installed because of Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade policy, that laptop froze.

Finally, I backed it up and installed a clean copy of Windows 10. It now works fine, plus it is much faster than it was prior to the clean install. Plus, many things that were "arguing" with the upgraded copies of Windows 10, "magically" worked.

Hope these suggestions are of some help. Been in IT for a long time. Upgrades/updates can cause no small amount of grief.


by Mirabilis
Aug 8, 2019 12:02 AM

RE: Disastrous Windows 10 update issues

My last Windows 10 update (on my Dell too) resulted in a 3 day black-out and all the usual efforts were to no avail. The recovery flash in the usb port failed to jog it into life. Nearing desperation I tried the old dodge, after it had been switched off for some time, of holding down the start button on the laptop with the recovery flash still in place and, on the second attempt, it started. I then discovered I had lost 2 files.
It was the second tome this had happened; I dread to see another "Do not switch off your computer...."
PS I loathe W 10 for all its interference and unnecessary sub-programs telling me what to do!
(Sorry fro the rant but it makes me feel better!)
by Levintrovski
Aug 22, 2019 06:47 PM

RE: Disastrous Windows 10 update issues

Yep, installed the same update on Windows 10 on my Dell desktop that my hauptwerk devices are connected to via midi and usb. It sounds fine through the main computer output to my surround sound speakers. I generally don't play through these so when practicing (with mistakes and going over difficult passages repeatedly), so as not to drive my Mrs. crazy. I use a headseat plugged into my Studiologic 88-key Stage Piano since it can be both an input midi source and an output device (either stereo headphones or speakers in the keyboard). Since the update, I get clipping through this external device like you mentioned in this thread. I will try some of the fixes mentioned here to see if I can get rid of it. The good news is that I'm the only one hearing this (in the headphones) because everything sounds just fine in the main output device (the surround sound system). Just wanted to let you know you are not alone in this problem.

by KSByrne
Sep 12, 2019 09:39 PM

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