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Subscribe to the Concert Hall

Contrebombarde Concert Hall is happy to present our users with an opportunity to subscribe to our site. Become a paying subscriber and gain access to certain features. To clarify, our site is still free to use like before. Extra features are simple available through subsription. Click HERE for more details on features.

Subscriptions are all handled through paypal. Payments are collected every 3 months (not monthly).

CCH User (USD $2.95/month)

Subscribed users have:

  1. Unlimited playlists (regular users can create up to 10)
  2. Access to advanced search options
  3. Personalized User Page

You are already subscribed. Do you want to cancel your subscription?

Visit your Dashboard page and navigate to the right sidebar. Options available to you are listed under Subscriber Features

CCH Uploader (USD $4.95/month)

Subscribed users have:

  1. The ability to schedule uploads
  2. Access to detailed analytics
  3. Unlimited playlists (regular users can create up to 10)
  4. Access to advanced search options
  5. Personalized User Page

Sample Set Producers (USD $7.95/month)

Subscribed sample set producers have:

  1. Access to analytics
  2. The ability to add/update their sample set(s) on our database.
  3. The same features available to Uploads & Listeners.

These features are the start - we plan to add more in the future!