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Playing and Pieces

Are you a GREAT Hymn-Player or an AWFUL one - and WHAT makes the difference?!?


Someone once said to me, You are a great hymn-player!Someone also said to me, You are a terrible hymn-player!Fortunately, I don't get called a terrible hymn-player very often, or recently, but how did...

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Specific advice on playing an English cathedral work without the use of General Pistons - a COMPLETE How-to-Do!


Editor's note: This article is a follow up to David's wonderful article "The Anglican Way of Setting Up and Using Pistons".The art of making swift changes in registration while playing seems to b...

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The Anglican Way of setting up and using pistons!


I have to admit that "pushing pistons" is one of my favorite things to do!Since I'm pretty much "self-taught", I do LOTS of things that many fine teachers would say are "wrong".  Each musician mu...

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Summer Bach Honors!


With my knee surgery, I'm afraid that I've fallen a bit behind in my writing for The Barde! These "Summer Bach Honors" were really supposed to be the June Bach honors, but since it is a little la...

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Is Composition a Theoretical or a Practical Subject? - by Pat McNeil


Editor's note: This is one of my favourite articles on the subject of composing for any genre of music for it's humour, irreverence, and it's practicality. It's written by Patrick McNeil and...

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April Bach-of-the-Month Honors


With the conclusion of Lent and the arrival of the Easter season, everyone was extra busy, but the number of uploads on the Concert Hall continues to grow by leaps and bounds - and not just in numbers...

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Announcing the Lenten Hymn-of-the Day Project!!!


The season of "Ordinary Time" is over, and Lent is upon us!  This coming Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, which begins the Forty Days of Lent.As with the season of Advent, I'm inviting everyone t...

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So Hauptwerk, what have you done for me lately?!?


Isn't it true?  How often do we ask, or at least think, "What have you done for me lately?!?"We ask it of friends, cell phones, shampoos, diet foods, just about EVERYTHING!  WHAT have YOU do...

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Sample Sets With the Most Uploads Ending 2014


Alright. So, last time, we covered the top 10 sample sets that users have used to upload to Contrebombarde.

Today, we're going to look at the top 10  sample sets with the largest...

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Most Used Sample Sets on Contrebombarde Ending 2014


One of the great things about having Raymond working on is that we have access to a lot of information about the site.

There are lots of aspects of the site we can look at. H...

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