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Proudly Presenting: The Patron Feature

2015-04-17 - Site Updates

We are proud to present the Patron feature! 

What Is This Feature? 

The patron feature was designed in order to provide a destination for entrepreneurial Hauptwerk users to send supporters, from their own, fan-base (outside Hauptwerk), for them to be able to contribute to them financially. (for more in-depth exploration of the tools and thinking behind the patron feature visit "Recent Site Changes Clarified")

We are giving a chance for listeners to show their appreciation by pledging as little as $2 to organists to show their support. They have the option to do this as a single pledge, or on a monthly basis. In return the organist may have content or services specifically available to people who have pledged to them.

* Please note that pledging is not mandatory to continue using the site. The site and its' regular content will continue to be free. 

Why Are We Doing This?

Being a musician is a tough line of work. You often do a lot more work than anyone ever sees and get compensated much less than your hourly commitment might suggest. We wanted to provide an optional platform for artists to build a following of people who support what they do in a financial way. Now you can use as the hub to send your fans and supporters to and they can contribute to your artistic endeavors.

In the old days, musicians had patrons. Patrons were wealthy people who would provide living expenses to an artist that they wished to support. They did this for lots of reasons (loved art, loved the status symbol, needed soundtracks for various events, etc). Wealthy patrons don'™t grow on trees but they don'™t have to. Artists can achieve the same support now by reaching out for the support of many patrons who pledge small amounts. These small amounts add up. Getting tangible support from lots of patrons is extremely gratifying to an artist. Patrons can share in the mission and direction of an artist by pledging varying amounts to encourage and support the works of their favorite artists. We take a small amount in order to cover processing fees, admin and to contribute to the ongoing upkeep and improvement of the website.

How Does It Work?

On your user page as well as on all of your pieces there will be a Pledge button. Clicking on this will take a user to your pledge page, which contains:

  • About You (Information you would like to share about yourself and/or your musical journey).
  • Pledge amount and link.
  • Your goodies list.

Once a user has pledged an amount, the money will be held by us. Every month we will be transferring the collected pledges (minimum of $100) to you. If $100 has not been reached at the end of the month, we will continue holding on to your pledges until the minimum has been reached.

You can sign up by clicking here or going to My Account > Gather Pledges


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