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Midi setup

I'm afraid this may seem an elementary question. I have acquired a drawstop console which at the moment only runs the St Anne's sample set. The midi works both ways, in that the drawstop activates the on screen knob and the on screen knob also operates the drawstop. Are these settings stored within the St Annes? If I load a different organ, I would presumably have to create new midi stop links. But more importantly, if I then revert to the St Anne's, would the original setup be restored?
by Johnrambo
Aug 7, 2020 04:40 AM

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RE: Midi setup

This is a simple question but there is no simple answer. There are two things to be considered.

1) What commands is your console actually sending and can these be altered? Use Midi-Ox to examine the output of your console's manuals and stops and keep a note of all the results. This is fundamental to understanding what your console is doing.

These settings would have been stored in the St.Annes organ when it was set up to work with your console and will (normally) always work.

2) If you want your console to work with another organ (sampleset) you will need to set up the new organ to respond to the signals sent by your console. Such things as stop names printed on your console will no longer correspond with those of the organ and is a significant defect in this way of working.

by csw900
Aug 7, 2020 10:01 AM

RE: Midi setup

thanks for the reply. I realise that the drawstops would not correspond with a different organ and that this is a disadvantage of a console which was designed for one organ only. I was thinking of maybe using a Launchpad or similar for stop control.
My main concern was that if I installed another sample set, that I could get back to the original St Annes and that the Midi settings to control the stop knobs would work again.
by Johnrambo
Aug 9, 2020 02:18 PM

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