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Recording for upload to CB

Greetings on this New Year's Day!

I have finally gotten my HW5 organ up and running after several months of delays. I am curious as to how all of you record pieces to upload. Do you use a cell phone (I have used my iPhone in the past, but it requires video as well as audio, which makes the files too large to upload)? Do you use the Record feature in HW?

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

by hallja13
Jan 1, 2021 01:34 PM

Replies (2)

RE: Recording for upload to CB

Yes, HW has an excellent recorder. You will want to experiment with the volume setting for recording because many of us have uploaded and found it was almost impossible to hear it on CB. Check the User Guide for information about recording and playback.

The file it records will be in WAV format and can be converted to MP3 at or a number of other conversion sites or most audio programs have an Export option which will convert. I like Audacity, but there are many others.
by bayless
Jan 1, 2021 07:53 PM

RE: Recording for upload to CB

Hi Bayless,

Thank you so much for your reply and the tips provided. Looking forward to my first foray into this arena!

by hallja13
Jan 2, 2021 03:45 AM

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