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Audio improvements HW VI

Dear all,

I'm very curious about the audio improvements of Hauptwerk version VI (which we've read about in some places - I'm still using version V myself) and would find it very interesting if someone could record the same piece with and without the two new audio improvement options for comparison. Maybe others who are considering an update would find this interesting, too?
Or does such a comparison already exist on contrebombarde that I have missed?

Many thanks in advance and best wishes
by Holztraverse
Jan 6, 2021 10:39 AM

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RE: Audio improvements HW VI

I have a set of four example (WAV) recordings of the same piece (one was made with Hauptwerk 5 and three are made with Hauptwerk 6 using different settings), which I am willing to share. (If so, please message me an email address.)

I group these recordings "blind" and out of order, and a key to what each one is can be provided afterwards.

(I do have my own position on this subject, which is that the differences are not audible in realistic cases and that people are just convincing themselves with confirmation bias.)
by CarsonCooman
Jan 6, 2021 01:52 PM

RE: Audio improvements HW VI

Ever since starting HW 3.11 I've heard crackles and pops now and then. They diminished as I implemented various upgrades to hardware, and as the HW software releases improved the system. I still had a glitch now and then with HW5, but since upgrading to HW6 I haven't heard any. The upper frequency stops especially mixtures and mutations have always sounded a little distorted to me, they seem more realistic in HW6 but that's the only improvement I've noticed. I'm running all my sample sets at 96Khz.
by bayless
Jan 7, 2021 12:54 PM

RE: Audio improvements HW VI

I've been using HW for years, first HW IV, then V and finally VI.

My system is 64GB, Windows 10, 4TB SSB. But I've always had a problem with dropouts and various clicks and tweets, balanced off with a problem with latency. Never able to get that all in balance.

Until, at least for me, the wonder of HW VI - since installation, latency problems are gone. And not a dropout, not one. For me, an amazing upgrade.
by sanpater
Jan 7, 2021 03:55 PM

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