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Illegal Sample Sets

We would like to warn the Concert Hall community of users that are:

1. Selling sample sets that require 'no licenses' but normally do.

2. Requesting installation files for a sample set because they are 'no longer available'.

3. Wanting to trade sample sets that normally require a license, but says that their version does not need it. You can always contact the producer of the sample set to make sure.

If a user requests installation files because they are no longer available online, redirect them to the producer of the sample set. It is unheard of that a producer does not have the installation files. If they state that the producer does not want to give them the files, then that is a red flag. There is a reason that the producer does not want to give it them. Either the user cannot show proof of purchase or they are not in any sales records. 99% of the time as long as you show proof of purchase producers WILL give you the installation files.

If you receive any kind of message or email that fit any of the situation above in the future, please let us know. We recently found a user that was sending messages to multiple people asking for installation files to 'lost' sample sets. Upon investigation there was no proof of purchase for their sample sets. The user has been contacted and chose not to explain their actions. Their account has been deleted.

Sample Set producers put in a lot of time and effort to create beautiful sample sets. Some producers also give a percentage of their sales back to the church or organ. Selling or purchasing hacked sample sets tramples on all those things. Please be careful!
by CBadmin
Jun 21, 2022 07:20 PM

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