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Submit to organ database?

Hello everyone,
I hope, anyone of the admins is reading this.

I tried two times to submit my new sampleset ( and nothing happened. Two times I tried to write a message to the admins regarding this and nothing happened again.

In the meantime there are newer sets than mine in the database. Is submitting a sampleset only possible when I have a paid account?

I am very confused.
by tf11972
Jul 6, 2022 12:57 PM

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RE: Submit to organ database?

Hello tf11972,

We try to update the organ database with submitted sample sets at least once a month. However at times we get busy with managing our parent companies (midiworks, midijet, and organworks) that we cannot keep up with the maintenance and multiple submissions on the concert hall.

If we have time we sometimes can update the database twice a month. We get about 5-10 submissions a month from all types of producers and we have to do our research on each submission before we can release it on our site. This takes some time.

Most producers that want to schedule their sample sets to release at a certain date use the producer paid subscription features to do so. Each producer that is subscribed has already gone through a validation process, so whenever they release any sample set they no longer require us to screen each one.

I will be going through the organ submissions this week and should be able to have your sample sets verified and released soon. If you prefer to have sample sets come out at exact dates then I do strongly recommend the paid subscription, otherwise please expect at the very most 1-2 months before we can release a submitted sample set.


CB admin
by CBadmin
Jul 11, 2022 01:17 PM

RE: Submit to organ database?

Hello Admin,
thank you for your answer and best regards

by tf11972
Jul 11, 2022 01:26 PM

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