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M:OT Full Cinema Reel

Remember my "Metroid: Organ Transplants" 7.1 surround album from last year?
Well, there has been a _second_ cinema presentation on Sat, Nov 5th 2022 -- and this time, I made it a PUBLIC free-of-charge event for everybody to enjoy!

As I had a number of other clips as a showcase what could be accomplished with a pipe organ as a "cinematic instrument", the event was not just limited to the feature film, but had these clips and a bunch of commentary segments to fully understand what this was all about.

The full presentation reel has been stuffed into this YouTube playlist:

What's still missing is the explanation/commentary sections that I held live in front of the audience -- unfortunately the video I recorded of that was broken and rendered completely unusable.

However, this event even attracted the attention of our local organists -- which I hoped it would do -- and got a nice review in the local press. Now that we have the opportunity to create polls in this forum, I'd be interested in your opinion:

What do you think of this kind of experiment?
by woody-mc
Jan 19, 2023 08:30 AM

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RE: M:OT Full Cinema Reel

Oh, okay... No replies so far -- is the poll feature broken or is just noone interested in making these two mouse clicks for a bit of valuable and most appreciated feedback?
by woody-mc
Feb 12, 2023 06:08 AM

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