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Terms and Conditions Update

2020-05-21 - Playing and Pieces

We want to give users a heads up that we have updated the site's terms and conditions.

Effective on Monday May 25, 2020 the following terms and conditions will be required by all users to read and agree to:

By registering at this site you agree to only post music recorded using any virtual Pipe Organ or virtual Harpsichord software which you own, and to which you have exclusive rights. You agree not to post anything that is obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, or that violate any laws. We will permanently ban all users who do so.

All items posted at this site express the views of those who post and do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners and administrators of this site.

Any link or material that could be construed as promotional or soliciting in nature is only allowed in the member profile information, not in individual uploads or comments.
Any link or material that could be construed as promotional or soliciting in nature on any other pages of our website is strictly prohibited without direct permission from the administrators. If you have questions on what counts as soliciting please contact us for clarification. 

You grant the right to host your music and make it publicly available for download. Artists retain all rights to their music. We reserve the right to remove, edit, or move any item for any reason.

You agree that any download from the site is of personal use only. Commercial use of anything uploaded on is strictly illegal without the consent of the uploader. You also cannot publish or upload material without consent of owner. 

You agree when you register that you will not take other people's identity nor use other people's personal images claiming and/or making it appear as it is your own without their permission. If you violate this agreement in the eyes of the contrebombarde team, we have the right to delete your account as well as ban your IP.

You may message us at if you would like to inquire about getting permission to use/upload/publish material from the website.


vidaspinkevicius (2020-05-21) Log in to Reply
If I understand correctly, affiliate links to SheetMusicPlus scores are still allowed in the track description?
CBadmin (2020-05-22) Log in to Reply
yes music sheets links (affiliate or not) are allowed.
woody-mc (2020-05-21) Log in to Reply
I'm sorry to bother you again -- do I understand correctly that "By registering at this site you agree to only post music [...] to which you have exclusive rights." would exclude any personal creations that would fall under the terms of the U.S. fair use policy?

By coincidence, I finished a larger work yesterday, where I played along with another composer's pieces (i.e. I don't have the *exclusive* rights) and planned to upload three demos of max. 30 seconds each. These clips would most likely be covered by the policy -- but not by the CCH T&C anymore, right?
CBadmin (2020-05-22) Log in to Reply
That would be correct. Uploading pieces that someone else has played (even if you accompanied it) would go against the terms and conditions.
woody-mc (2020-05-21) Log in to Reply
Question returned: What exactly does count as "promotional or soliciting"?
CBadmin (2020-05-21) Edited Log in to Reply
Good question! Any link/content on an upload that is used specifically as a marketing tool to directly sell a product or service without permission from the site. This could be things such as a link, link to an online store etc...

As always, sample set producers and VPO developers have permission to post demos for sample sets and so forth.

Was that helpful?
woody-mc (2020-05-21) Log in to Reply
Yes, indeed. Thanks a lot for the clarification!
Romanos401 (2020-05-22) Log in to Reply
Does this mean sharing a link in the description where people can purchase a copy of the score being performed is forbidden?
vidaspinkevicius (2020-05-22) Log in to Reply
It is confusing. If I add an affiliate link to the score from sheetmusicplus then it's OK. But if I add a link to the same score from my own store, it's not OK, it seems. In both cases, if somebody buys from such link it's profitable to me.
contrabourdon (2020-05-23) Edited Log in to Reply
You can add a link to the score for download or purchase (affiliate or not).
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