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Daily Upload Limit

2020-05-19 - Site Updates

We here at the CCH are happy that we are able to provide a space during these challenging times for everyone. We strongly believe music is the soul's medicine. 

With the influx of uploads the site has been receiving we have decided to limit the daily upload limit to 1 per uploader for the time being.

We hope that this will give members equal opportunity to listen to both old and new contributers alike, as well as equal exposure for all uploaders. 


CCH Team

EDIT: We have changed the daily limit to work in accordance to calendar date (instead of a 24 hour interval). Our system follows ETZ so please plan your uploads accordingly. Second, due to requests we will allow 3 uploads max per day for the time being.


Erzahler (2020-05-21) Edited Log in to Reply
Maybe put a message on the Upload page that there are new upload limits and details and reasons for it can be found in The Barde.
CBadmin (2020-05-20) Log in to Reply
Sorry about that. I had set the date for the changes to take place for the 21, thinking it was today (the 20th). I've done a manual site update, starting now the limit should take effect.
Agnus_Dei (2020-05-20) Log in to Reply
I'm also seeing multiple uploads by the same individual.
HMaier (2020-05-20) Log in to Reply
Today I still see multiple uploads by single users?
woody-mc (2020-05-20) Log in to Reply
A wise decision IMHO. To be honest, I pretty much stopped to listen even to the music of uploaders I loved to follow and considered to unfollow them to not get drowned in notification emails. A huge reportoire of music is something desirable to have for a platform like this, of course, but being flooded with a volatile storm of upload doesn't help much to find the stuff you like -- and, from any uploader's perspective -- to get heard.

Personally, I highly welcome this decision to throttle the number of uploads per user+day for the sake of those performers who put tons of effort into pieces that stay almost unrecognized and uncommented just because they tip over the edge of the first "browse results" page.
FredM (2020-05-20) Log in to Reply
Good measure for now. By the way I like to encourage everybody to explore CCH more; not only listen the recent uploads but also search on genre, or whatever. This way I came to listen great music, e.g from David in 2013 :) I also surf playlists and listen those. That is very worthwhile.
Agnus_Dei (2020-05-19) Log in to Reply
I think this is the best temporary solution.

It will help to "balance" the uploads.

HMaier (2020-05-19) Log in to Reply
Thanks, much appreciated!

H. Maier
OAM Sound Engineering
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