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Steam Calliope [Back to Library]

Producer: Pipeloops
Manuals: 1
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built:


This small instrument is based on samples from a real steamboat calliope and impresses with its penetrating sound. It is available as a sample set for Hauptwerk as well as a Soundfont. The license fee covers both versions.

Unfortunately the original samples have been recorded on a very cold day and also with a device using automatic level control. As a result the attack was unnatural, almost explosive, and most samples slowly drifted up to the right pitch, some started a full semitone below. In addition the hissing sound produced by the steam was covering up the notes too much. So some innovative sample processing techniques have been developed and used to cope with these problems. The most challenging part was the pitch drift. An algorithm has been developed in the octave scripting language that first detects the local pitch throughout the sample and then resamples with a time varying resampling-ratio, so that in the end the sample is properly pitched throughout. For each note separately tuned filters were used to enhance the actual tone and reduce the hiss. The final result is musically useful and still retains the charme and unusual character of the instrument. If you want to recreate the original steam calliope feeling however, you should crank up the volume on your amp, calliopes can be heard from miles away!

Pipeloops is offering the steam calliope in two versions, a sample set for Hauptwerk-2 as well as a soundfont. Trial versions can be downloaded from us (please click on the Download-Tab or other servers providing these files for free. The downloads are functional, but some limitations apply.

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# of users uploaded using organ:2
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