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CUI: Casavant 1988 [Back to Library]

Producer: CLR Resources
Builder: Casavant
Country: United States
Style: Romantic Organs
Manuals: 3
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1988


The Casavant at Concordia University consists of 3290 pipes over 59 ranks and 3 manuals. The instrument was installed in 1988. Through the generous cooperation of the faculty and staff at Concordia University, we were able to sample this instrument and make it available to all to enjoy.

The organ is being made available on Hauptwerk for the first time. Long samples with multiple loops have been created to provide a realistic and versatile instrument. Using 16 bit samples and single loops, the instrument will fit within the capabilities of a 4GB system. However to use 24 bit samples and all loops, the instrument occupies almost 8GB.

The Concordia University Center organ, built by the organ building firm Casavant Freres of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, consists of 59 ranks and 3,290 pipes arranged in four divisions: Grand Orgue, Recit, Positif Expressif and Pedale. The selection of stops and colors was made by organist Michael Burkhart in consultation with Casavant to serve three purposes: 1.To lead worship; 2.To provide concert accompaniment; 3.To perform organ literature of all periods. Jean-Louise Coignet, Paris served as tonal director for the organ. The instrument is a synthesis of the ideals of major organ builders Francois-Henri Clicquot (1728-1791) and Aristide Cavaille-Coll (1811-1899) as well as those elements essential for contrapuntal literature. The instrument was installed under the supervision of Dave Marshall with tonal flnishing by Yves Champagne and Roger Chicoine.

The recording was done in the room, with ambient reverberation. A dry sample set for this instrument will not be available. The samples were recorded at 96khz 24bits, and saved after processing to 48khz 24bits which are the samples you will receive. All of the samples are at least 6 and up to 10 seconds long, most with 4 loops. Standard and short (<200ms) releases are supported in this sample set.

The 3 manual instrument has been reconfigured in Hauptwerk to include a fourth Solo manual, which includes the Chamade and the Cornet both originally in the Grand Orgue. A Tromba with a scope from C36 to G79 has been built from the pedal Trompette/Clarion and also placed on the solo division. This allows for greater flexibility.

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# of users uploaded using organ:3
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