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Aeolian-Skinner, Op. 1301 [Back to Library]

Producer: Sonus Paradisi
Country: United States
Manuals: 3
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VersionDescriptionBit RateCompressionLoopedChannelsAcousticsRAM Required
1 Surround Sound Version 16 6 Dry 16 GB or more
2 Surround Sound Version 20 6 Dry 26 GB or more
3 Surround Sound Version 24 6 Dry 30 GB or more
4 Wet Version 16 2 Wet 6 GB or more
5 Wet Version 20 2 Wet 10 GB or more
6 Wet Version 24 2 Wet 12 GB or more
Date Built: 1957
Date Released:
Commercial License:
Price Range:
(Starting Around)
Description: he Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ, opus 1301 was manufactured in 1956-1957, when the company tonal director was Joseph S. Whiteford who was the successor of the deceased G. Donald Harrison. The organ is still rooted in the Harrison's "American Classic" style, although Opus 1301 bears witness to the tonal philosophy of Harrison's later interests, when he experimented with modern versions of old German solo reeds (Krummhorn, Fagott, Rohr-Schalmei) and moved somewhat towards the (neo-)baroque design (principal choruses crowned with mixtures on all manuals, unenclosed pipework). Joseph S. Whiteford's tonal principles were similar to the late Harrison visions, perhaps putting even more emphasis on the baroque organbuilding principles (unnicked flues with expressive articulation, lower wind pressures, intense reeds).
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