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Klais Organ of Szikszó [Back to Library]

Producer: Augustine's Virtual Organs
Builder: Klais
Country: Hungary
Style: Classical Organs
Manuals: 3
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1955


The Catholic parish church of the Holy Trinity was built in 1780. In 1852, it burned down and was rebuilt in 1860. The church was totally destroyed, so in 2004 a new church was built. Only the old tower remained.
The new church was given a tremendous gift from the parish Liebfrauenkirche, Frankfurt, a Klais organ. The gift of organ arrived in 2007 and been installed Zoltan Koppany organ builder.

Gesa Graumann, an associate of the Klais factory wrote:
"The Klais Organ opus 1093: Frankfurt, Liebfrauen. This organ was built immediately after the rebuilt of the church back in 1955. It had 41 stops on three manuals and pedals. The façade had no visible case, but (at least we think) it was one of the finest caseless facades ever built in Germany. We had been in charge for the maintenance from 1955 until 2008.Of course, the instrument was a child of its time and rather straight forward and ‘in-romantic’ in sound. The swell division was by far not the biggest in the organ and definitely not symphonic. Instruments from this post-war period are not yet old enough to be considered historic. Consequently authorities never officially thought about a restoration or sympathetic augmentation. As far as we know no serious trial was made to sell the instrument, and we assume that it went to the dumpster back in 2008."

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