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Steinmeyer Valley [Back to Library]

Producer: Forestpipes Virtual Organs
Builder: Steinmeyer
Country: Germany
Manuals: 3
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1956


The organ was built in 1956 by the company GF Steinmeyer & Co. (Oettingen) for the parish church Hl. Geist (former Jesuit Church) in Heidelberg. It has 55 registers (including a transmission) on electropneumatic bag store. It was the first grand organ in the world to dispense with magazine bellows, so that no wind bumps are created even in the case of staccato playing. Each of the 15 wind shops was provided with a compensating bellows. Nevertheless, she got just because of criticism and complaints about lack of wind pressure in the tutti. In 1970, a minor reorganization took place as part of the organ movement, so some grundtönige registers were replaced by overhead mixtures. The wind pressure deficiency was attempted by the installation of an additional wind distribution to counter, but this could not solve the problem satisfactorily.

Finally, the instrument was replaced in 2009 by a new one from Kuhn (Switzerland) and the Steinmeyer would have been scrapped if it had not. Sixtus Lampl from Valley (Upper Bavaria). He organized the transport to his organ museum, where it was re-erected in the Zollingerhalle, a former sawmill hall (designed by the architect Friedrich Zollinger). Due to the lower height of the Zollingerhalle only the longest front pipes of Prinzipal 16 'of Hauptwerk and Pedal had to be cranked, and the additional wind distribution was left out and the problem of the lack of wind supply was eliminated.

In contrast to instruments of other organ builders from this period, the Steinmeyer instrument still possesses many characteristic basic parts, which at that time brought much criticism to the company, but testifies to an enormous foresight: In the course of the return to the music of the romantic epoch, organs are again so arranged today as Steinmeyer has always done. Last but not least, the new Kuhn instrument in the former Jesuit Church of Heidelberg differs only slightly from Steinmeyer's disposition.

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