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Serina Annunziata - Serassi 1791 [Back to Library]

Producer: Andrea Bonzi
Builder: Giuseppe II Serassi
Country: Italy
Manuals: 2
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1792


The village of Serina is one of the most important centers of the Serina valley, a tributary of the Brembana valley: the parish church of SS. Annunziata, in addition to a very rich artistic endowment in the figurative sphere, has a valuable organ built in 1791 by Andrea Luigi and Giuseppe II Serassi.

Since the Venetian domination (lasted from 1428 to 1799) the town of Serina had a pre-eminent administrative role compared to the other communities in the valley and was also a well-developed cultural center (painters such as Palma the Younger are of Serinese origin); and the parish church was soon enriched with many important artistic works.

There is news of an organ built by Giovan Battista Stagnoli already around 1590; this first instrument would later be replaced by another, built by Giovanni Rogantino from Valtellina in the century. XVII. The Rogantino organ underwent extraordinary maintenance in 1744 (Giovanni Antonio Bossi) and 1751-52 (Angelo Bossi, after being dismantled due to the expansion of the church; on that occasion the windcheater was renewed and the number increased of the registers).

The phonic material of the Rogantino organ - including the Bossi additions - was later reused in large part by the Serassi in the reconstruction of 1791; the Serassi Brothers, descendants of Andrea Luigi and Giuseppe, intervened again in 1827 with a substantial reform intervention in the romantic-Risorgimento sense.
In 1844 it was the turn of Giovanni Zonca and Camillo Guglielmo Bianchi, Serassi students, who carried out extraordinary maintenance works (the English Horn 16 'is attributed to them at the Grand Organ); in 1859 Adeodato Bossi took care of the maintenance (with the addition of the current Clarinet soprano 8 'to the Eco).
Serina's organ was later partially reformed by the Roberti of Bergamo in the Cecilian sense, in unspecified years of the early twentieth century.

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