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Weigle organ evang. Stadtkirche Nagold [Back to Library]

Producer: Pipeloops
Builder: Weigle Company
Country: Germany
Manuals: 1
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1971


This sample set has been developed as part of a project "Singen Orgel 4.0" executed by the protestant parish in Nagold (Germany). The development of the sample set has been funded by the project, and therefore we can make it available to the community for a very low price. We are selling this on behalf of the church parish and most of the proceeds are flowing back directly to the church.

The aim of this project is to bundle and further develop the many possibilities in relation to the pipe organ that appear to be feasible due to the latest developments in digitalisation. In symposia and discussions of the "Nagold Organ Academy" with theologians, ethicists, philosophers, parishioners, church musicians and others, it will then be discussed what it means for church and parish when machines play in church services, people become replaceable and it has to be weighed up whether the use of digital possibilities is justified or the singing and the sound of the organ will at some point become completely silent, also because nobody dares or is able to sing a song anymore.

In this way, according to the plan, organ builders, pastors and musicians can try out for themselves what digital innovations there are, along with their advantages and disadvantages - and then discuss more thoroughly whether and how these developments affect organ building, religious togetherness and possibly new forms of worship, and what consequences and decisions this will entail.

Young organ builders and students of church music will be introduced to visions for their future professional field. The organ builder's view shall be directed from the purely technical and artistic (also) to the perspective of how the organ can be optimized with regard to singing. Digitalisation shall help to secure and promote singing and the future of the organ.

Within the framework of this project, the sample set of the Nagold city church organ presented here was also created, which is now being marketed on behalf of the parish and thus made available to a wider community of users.

The Nagold city church was built in 1874 in neo-Gothic style. It was built as an exemplary church of the Eisenach movement following the 16 principles of the Eisenach Regulativ. This Regulativ was the result of long efforts to create a uniform building standard for the Protestant churches, in which almost all German church districts took part. The 16 principles essentially cover the areas of "church construction according to liturgical need", "dignity and beauty of church construction" and "influence of the churches on church construction". In accordance with these principles, the church was built with a cross-shaped layout in neo-Gothic style. Already at that time galleries were built on the west, north and south sides. In order to create space for 2000 people, the galleries were even two-storeyed. A richly decorated interior rounded off the neo-Gothic appearance.

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