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Lochtum [Back to Library]

Producer: Binauralpipes
Country: Germany
Manuals: 2
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1747


ochtum is a district of the district town of Goslar in the northwestern Harz foothills.

The Lochtum church was built in the 15th century based on the keep, which served as the substructure of the church tower. No news is known about the way the church was built or designed. From 1744 to 1746 the church was rebuilt and expanded. The previous nave was preserved, but the east wall was removed and the new choir added. Since the nave was too low, the flat ceiling was removed and the wooden bin installed, which raised the room considerably. The pulpit, which was built in the 18th century, is painted and decorated with rich tendril carvings. In a similar way, the organ was decorated with carved ornamentation, painted and equipped with angels playing the trombone.

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The builder of the organ, which was probably made in 1746/47, cannot be clearly identified. The Arp Schnitger researcher Gustav Fock names Andreas Müller in his book "Arp Schnittger and his school" as the builder of the Lochtumer organ, who was a journeyman at Schnitger. However, the mixture suggests the Berlin organ builder Joachim Wagner or his student Peter Migend as the builder of the organ. The construction of the transverse flute, however, points to Johann Gottfried Hildebrand and due to the similarity to the organ built in 1746/47 in Belzig, it could be attributed to the organ builder from Halberstadt, Johann Adolarius Papenius.

The organ is characterized by two peculiarities: a mixture that repeats octave-wise, with a third choir throughout; but above all through a unique transverse flute with which the sound of a transverse flute is to be imitated. For this purpose, the air on a standing cylindrical flute body is led from the outside through an angled blow pipe to a small, round blow hole.

The first major overhaul of the Lochtumer organ was carried out in 1834. On this occasion, the throats of the parts of the tongue were covered with newspaper, because they "snarled" too loudly for the taste of the time. During the First World War the tin pipes of the prospectus were taken out and melted down. During another restoration in 1929, the breastwork was expanded by a salizional 8 'with an additional pneumatic drawer. In 1972, efforts were finally made to restore the original condition. Here, the newspaper was removed from the throats of the tongues, the salizional was removed with the additional pneumatic drawer, and the brochure pipes sold in the First World War were faithfully reproduced.

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