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Obersuhl [Back to Library]

Producer: Binauralpipes
Builder: Andreas J. Schiegnitz
Country: Germany
Manuals: 2
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built:


Obersuhl is the largest part of the community Wildeck in the northeast of Hesse.

In 2018, the sandstone-built Evangelical Reformed Church celebrated a 500th anniversary. This can be traced back to the tower and the choir, as a date from 1518 can be read on a lintel on the upper floor of the tower. The choir is clearly separated from the nave by a pointed arch. The choir has a ribbed vault, figurative elements that decorate the bearing stones, sacrament niche, remains of the original wall painting and the glass window from the late Gothic period. The nave, which is kept simple as a whole, comprises two galleries and dates back to the 19th century.

The wall and ceiling painting by Tobias Kammerer creates a connection between the ceiling and the nave, which symbolically and also based on biblical references can stand for a connection between God, the earth and people and in this way makes the church area appear holistic.

Link to the parish

The organ, which comes from the workshop of the master organ builder Andreas J. Schiegnitz, has been in the church since 2012 and was awarded the Rhineland-Palatinate Crafts Prize in 2013 as an organ sculpture. The outer shape of the organ is kept simple and modern. Musically speaking, the organ and the church form a harmony that can also be seen on the organ case. This connection is evident on the one hand in the green-turquoise color that can be found in the lines of the wall and ceiling painting. On the other hand, the housing spreads out horizontally above the gaming table, which in turn resembles the wing-shaped spread of the painting.

Overall, the organ is distinguished in terms of sound by the fact that it has classic registers (1st manual). In addition, it also includes registers that can set special accents, such as the oboe or the voix célêste (II. Manual). The sounds can be varied in fine nuances, in particular through the sill. The main and swell works each result in their own sound world: classic and rich in musical and color accents. By connecting the two works by means of the couplings, a traditional, modern and innovative sound can be created. So it is possible on this organ to play music from different epochs and styles.

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