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Święta Lipka [Back to Library]

Producer: Piotr Grabowski
Country: Poland
Manuals: 2
Pedalboard: Yes
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1905


(ger. Heiligelinde) is a village in North-West Poland in Masurian Lake District. The agreement for the first organ for the sanctuary in Święta Lipka was signed in 1719. The construction was commissioned to Johann Josua Mosengel. It had 21 stops spread over 2 manuals with no pedalboard. During the construction work it was decided to extend the organ with an additional positiv division and later a pedal division resulting in 1721 with 3 manuals with pedals accumulating to 40 stops.

In 1905 Bruno Goebel was commissioned to do a general overhaul, but what transpired was a new instrument in the old baroque organ case. Old windchests were removed and new tubular key and stop action was applied. The stoplist was reduced to 2 manuals with pedal and followed the then romantic trend. Only 3 stops from the original organ remained: Principal 16′ and Octave 8′ from the pedal and Grossgedeckt 16′ from the 1st manual. In 1945 all of the metal pipework was destroyed by soldiers of the Soviet Red Army. Most of the missing pipework was replaced in the years 1965-1973. Reed pipes were made by the company of Ernest Pękała in the 1970s. The only original reed stop in the organ is the Fagotto 16′ from the 1st manual division. It is a free reed stop which is quite unusual. It is worth mentioning the religious brother Waldemar Strzyżewski who became an organist in Święta Lipka in 1965 as he was also an organ builder who continuously repaired the organ over many years. In the 70s he installed an electric driving gear for the figures, by which point hadn’t been moving for over 150 years.

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