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Regensburg Dom St. Peter [Back to Library]

Producer: Forestpipes Virtual Organs
Builder: Rieger
Country: Germany
Style: Symphonic
Manuals: 4
Pedalboard: Yes
Audio Ouput: Surround
Date Built: 2009


For centuries, the cathedral did not have an adequate organ; King Ludwig I of Bavaria and the monument protection authorities forbade a visible installation in the church interior, as the organ would "disturb" the Gothic architecture. As a result, for a long time only a relatively small organ was placed out of sight behind the silver high altar, from where it could only sound a small part of the cathedral. The current choir organ from the Mathis company (1989, originally III/43, now II/33) was also placed behind the altar.
When Franz Josef Stoiber took over as cathedral organist in 1996, it quickly became clear that the cathedral could only be adequately served by a large organ. The north wall of the crossing turned out to be the best location, but as the preservation order forbade fixing it to the wall, an organ suspended from the supporting walls of the so-called "donkey tower" (remnant of the Romanesque cathedral) was designed. With 80 stops and a weight of 37 tonnes, this is the largest suspended instrument. The access to the organ is a novelty: The organist reaches the mechanical console via a lift that disappears invisibly into the organ. A second electric console is located at the front of the choir. Both organs can be played from both.

# of uploads with organ:43
# of users uploaded using organ:7
Popular Uploads: Bwv 596 Allegro Finale (Popup Player)

Allegro vivace (symphonie n°5), and Méditation (Symphonie n°1) (Popup Player)



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