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South Suffolk Organ - Lavender Audio [Back to Library]

Producer: Lavender Audio
Country: United Kingdom
Manuals: 2
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built:


This organ is a composite instrument, based primarily on the organ at Little Waldingfield, but with additional ranks from Groton as well as other sources.

The Great organ is largely the same as Little Waldingfield, but with a couple of enhancements. The Dulciana now extends to tenor C by means of re-pitching existing samples and the Flute 4‘ is now full compass - below tenor F it borrows from the Stopped Diapason.

The Swell organ benefits from a full compass Open Diapason (the bottom octave being part re-pitched and part from Groton). Re-pitching has extended the Viol di Gamba to bottom G and the Viol has also been carefully re-pitched to provide an effective Voix Celeste. The existing Oboe has been made quieter to provide a useful softer chorus reed and the Groton Cornopean has been added at both 8 and 16 foot pitch. The bottom 12 notes of the 16 foot reed are new samples.

The Pedal Bourdon is from Groton and has been extended in both directions to provide a 32 foot Subbass (re-pitched) and an 8 foot Bass Flute (new samples). New samples have also been added to provide a Principal 8‘ and an extended Fifteenth 4‘. The 16 foot Double Trumpet is borrowed from the Swell.

All samples are taken at 44.1kHz, 16 bit with single loops. As well as individual samples for each pipe, the instrument features blower, stop action, key action and swell box noise. Each of these noise components may be individually switched on or off as well as relative levels set via the Settings screen.

There are 6 divisional pistons each to Pedal, Great and Swell, as well as divisional cancels and a total of 20 general pistons and a general cancel. All pistons and setter are accessible via the photo-realistic interface as well as via MIDI.

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