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Furtwängler & Hammer Organ [Back to Library]

Producer: Wustrow Organs
Manuals: 2
Pedalboard: No
Audio Ouput:
Date Built: 1915


Originally the St. Laurentius church in Wustrow had an organ built by the royal organ manufacturer Ernst Wilhelm Meyer from Hannover in 1845. Instead of a renovation the congregation decided to build a new instrument and ordered it from the company Furtwängler & Hammer in Hannover. "The congregation wanted to obtain an organ that would not only dignify the church service, but also fulfill completely the requirements for concert use," according to the organ building firm at the time. The then-modern tubular pneumatic system replaced the "obsolete" slider chest system. The case of the predecessor organ was retained presumably because of cost, although the façade pipes no longer sounded. The organ was finished during the war in 1915 at a price of 7995 Reichsmarks. At that time the church was electrified so that the bellows no longer had to be pumped by muscle power. The organ was prefabricated at the Hannover factory and installed in only one month. It was presumably played for the first time for the church service on December 29, 1915.

In 1992 the organ manufacturer Rietzsch from Hemmingen received an order for a complete renovation; his work turned out completely satisfactorily. Typical of its time, the organ has many 8' registers which give it a very "warm" sound. The many possibilities for coupling at different octaves permit many possibilities for voicing and dynamic variation (shutter-swell on manual 2).

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