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New Play by Time Feature


First off thank you to woody-mc for contributing the code to make this feature possible.

You can now add minutes and seconds (1:02) to comments that are directly linked to the music player....

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The Stahlhuth / Jann organ of St. Martin’s Church at Dudelange, Luxembourg


The famous Stahlhuth / Jann organ of St. Martin's Church in Dudelange is a successful blending of several different national styles.  In fact it is not only a combination of national diversity, b...

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View Pieces You've Recommended


You can now view all the pieces you've recommended! Thanks to the request from a user we have added it into the site. To access the list go to:

1. Account Stats tab

2. Recommen...

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The Steinmayer organ of the St. Magnus Church in Marktoberdorf finds a Loving Home and a New Life!


Have you ever thought of how many churches have been lost during the last 100 years or so?The buildings, I mean.  How many of these have been lost in the last century?  Care to guess?  ...

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Playing Johann Christian Leberecht Kittel


Playing Johann Christian Leberecht Kittel
by Dr. Wolfram Syré

Johann Christian Leberecht Kittel was the latest pupil of Johann Sebastian Bach. He composed marvelous organ music. His pieces ...

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What was new with Claudio Merulo? by Dr. Wolfram Syré


What was new with Claudio Merulo?
The Toccatas of Claudio Merulo is the bridge between those of Giovanni Gabrielei and those of Girolamo Frescobaldi and of Michelangelo Rossi.Merulo's Toccatas have...

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