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User: Organtob

Awards earned by user:

  • Stenographer NEW Stenographer Commenter Badge - To acknowledge people who comment on other people’s uploads. Why not give someone a little encouragement? Commented on 100 or more pieces. 1 2 Silver

  • Expressive NEW Expressive Uploader Badge - To acknowledge people who upload. Share your creations with the rest of us Uploaded 100 or more pieces. 2 3 Gold

  • Recommender NEW Recommender Recommender Badge - To acknowledge people who click the recommend button on other people’s items Booster. Booster. Be a Booster! Recommended 100 or more pieces. 3 3 Gold

  • Listener NEW Listener Listeners Badge - Listened to x number of pieces. So… you’re a player. We don’t judge. Listened to 250 or more pieces. 4 2 Silver

  • The Archivist NEW The Archivist The Archivist Badge - Listened to x number of pieces more than 1 year old. You enjoy the near past. Listened to 40 pieces that are a year old. 6 1 Bronze

  • Pillar of the Community Pillar of the Community You have receieved commenter, uploader, recommender, listener badges (Colour you get is equal to the highest colour on each of the criteria). You do it all. Accumulated 8 points in one or all included categories. 10 2 Silver

  • Romanticism Romanticism Romantic Music Badge - To acknowledge your love of romantic era music You are into romance... Listened to 40 pieces in this genre. 14 1 Bronze

  • Pizzazy Pizzazy Theatre Music Badge - To acknowledge your love of theatre organ music the show must go on... Listened to 10 pieces in this genre. 16 1 Bronze

  • Contemporary Contemporary Contemporary Badge You like to keep up with the times Listened to 80 pieces in this genre. 17 2 Silver

  • All Around Badge NEW All Around Badge Listened to x number of genres. You like to get a musical sense Accumulated 4 points in a number of genres. 23 1 Bronze