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User: JohnTheMonk

User Information

Former organ student, now student again 20 years later. Couldn't live without organ and all it entails.
Used to have a low-profile DIY hauptwerk setup. Now practicing the fabulous Schumacher of Reckange sur Mess (Luxembourg) and having my lessons on the impressive Stahlhutt/Jann of Dudelange (Luxembourg).
Now invested in a decent Mixtuur Hauptwerk setup to have more practice time and to get used to registering Dudelange...

Hardware profile

Operating system: Windows 10
Audio/MIDI interface:
Manual(s): Other
Pedalboard: Other BDO Pedalboard
System: PC
Processor: Core i7
RAM: 64 GB
Monitor(s): Touch TCD/TFT
Speakers: Multi-channel speakers
Amplifier(s): built-in amplifiers
Sample Set(s): 1675/88 Hus/Arp Schnitger, Stade, Germany
1687 Arp Schnitger, Steinkirchen, Germany
1732 Andreas Silbermann, Ebersmünster, France
1766 Riepp Heilig-Geist Organ, Ottobeuren, Germany
Caen - St. Etienne Cavaillé Coll
Cavaillè-Coll, Saint Eucaire (1902)
Groningen, St. Martini
Madeleine Paris - Cavaillé-Coll
Notre Dame de Metz Mutin/Cavaillé-Coll
Rozay en Brie, Notre Dame de la Nativité
Saarbruecken Sankt Arnual
Saint-Jean-de-Luz (chœur)
St. Anne's Moseley
St. Maximin, France
St. Michel en Thiérache
St. Omer, Cavaillé-Coll 1855
St. Pons-de-Thomières, Micot Organ (1771)
Stahlhuth/Jann - Dudelange
Strassburg, C. Werner, 1743
The Ghent Belfry Carillon
Zwolle, St. Michael