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  Title Composer Organ Genre Added
Vexilla Regis prodeunt
36 views, 4 comments
Improvisation over Hymn AB Santa Maria delle Grazie al Naviglio, Milano Hymn 03/23/24
Rhapsody - having fun with Querum
37 views, 0 comments
Improvisation Romantic Village Church Organ Improvisation 03/20/24
Inno: Pange lingua gloriosi (three variations)
33 views, 2 comments
Improvisation Andrea Bonzi Michelotto organ S. Maria delle Grazie al Naviglio Hymn 03/17/24
41 views, 0 comments
Improvisation Romantic Village Church Organ Impro 03/16/24
Variation on "Veni, veni Emmanuel"
42 views, 0 comments
Improvisation AB Tamburini S. Maria Nascente, 1959 Improvisation 12/23/22
Ninna-nanna (Pastorale)
101 views, 3 comments
Improvisation S. Maria Nascente church, Milan, Tamburini 1959 - forthcoming For Christmas Eve 12/24/21
La santa allegrezza
62 views, 4 comments
Improvisation Costa Serina Neapolitan Christmas carol 12/23/21
40 views, 3 comments
Improvisation Costa Serina Fun 11/07/21
Variations on "Te lucis ante terminum"
36 views, 2 comments
Improvisation Costa Serina Hymn 11/07/21
Sequentia "Veni Sancte Spiritus"
67 views, 2 comments
Improvisation Bologna, Zanin 1962 - still in production, beta version Harmonization of the medieval sequence 05/23/21