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User: The Half-baked Organist

User Information

Setup photos

I am a self-taught (hence half-baked) musician; I have lots of bad musical habits; I employ plenty of unorthodox techniques; I make innumerable mistakes; I hardly, if ever, really know what I'm doing; and I struggle terribly with every single piece I play. But I just love playing music.

Hardware profile

Operating system: Windows 10
Audio/MIDI interface: Cakewalk UA 25 EX
Manual(s): Schwindler and Fatar TP63LW
System: PC
RAM: 16 GB
Monitor(s): Touch TCD/TFT
Speakers: Headphones
Software(s): Hauptwerk VI
Sample Set(s): 1898 Adolf Volkmann, Lipiny
1908 P. B. Voelkner, Szczecinek
Cembalo Mietke
G. Silbermann Organ, Grosshartmannsdorf
J├Ârgensen Tribute Organ
Kdousov, 1787 S. Silberbauer
Mascioni, Azzio (2016)
Mascioni, Giubiasco (2008)
Prib Chamber Organ 2007
Prudhoe Methodist
Saint-Jean-de-Luz (choeur)
Skrzatusz Sanctuary
St. Anne's Moseley
St. Peter and Paul Arp Schnitger
Strassburg, C. Werner, 1743
Veendam, Kandelaarkerk, Kaat & Tijhuis